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eHouse Building Management, House Automation System - Software Package

Additionally to electronics modules eHouse system is equipped in auxiliary software, working under Windows XP system and successors.
This package assure:
Web Browser control components. eHouse system enables control directly from internet browser and ftp client using several different methods:
Mobile Remote Manager - Java Mobile (MIDP)
enables control eHouse system from Mobile Phone, Smart Phone or PDA with Java application.
eHouse text logs can be sequentially downloaded by eMail to Mobile Phone Devices. Text method of control is only supported via:
eHouseMobile (Windows Mobile 6.0 and successors) Application allows online or offline control of eHouse system as graphic control panel and visualization of system state with individually created views and objects by user.
Online Support is realized via WiFi, LAN, WAN (TCP/IP support), offline via SMS or eMails.
Application can work on Mobile Phones, PDAs, Smart Phones, Touch Phones or Graphic Panels.

eHouse Building Management, House Automation System - Software Package English

eHouse Home Automation Software package. Control Home from PC Computer, PDA, Mobile Phone, Windows Mobile, XP, Vista, 7. Browser, Java Mobile. Online Visualization, graphical Control, Configuration, scripts, communication gateways and auxiliary applications.

ehouseHome Automation, Domotics, Building Automation English
eHouse Home Automation